Mission Statement

Realism and Focus From Everyone Involved

Whilst we are flexible in how we go about it, we are rigorously focused on gaining the maximum returns for the time and money invested by us and our Clients.  We prefer to operate on a Gain/Share basis where we invest our time and take our returns as a percentage of demonstrated performance uplift, over realistic time frames. In our experience this encourages realism and focus from everyone involved.

We do not normally operate solely on a “time and materials” basis, as we like to be aligned with our Clients in both motivation and outcomes but we are flexible to a Client’s preferences in our commercial relationship.

A typical engagement will see us working with a small number of dedicated Client resources (e.g. financial analyst, operations lead, sales executive) inside our team full time the intensive interaction leads to insight and experience transfer both ways and helps maintain alignment.

We will meet to review progress/blockages with the Client Executive Sponsor several times a week – our typical engagement “plan” is more flexible than you may have experienced, allowing for changes in focus as required.  We follow the principle of One Team, combining to do whatever it takes to get the desired performance up-lift: analysis, strategy, hands-on execution assistance, unit management…whatever it takes.

Flexible approach to commercial involvement

Before initiating a project, we will agree logical decision points for further action/investment allowing a flexible approach to commercial involvement and freedom for Clients and ourselves to vary project intensity as required.  After intensive initial work to get to an agreed solution, we work to an exhaustive but flexible follow-up and ongoing support plan – in many ways this makes us a flexible extension of the management team.  It’s in our and our Clients’ interests to see that the gains achieved are sustained.