About Us

Extensive Experience + Deep Analysis = Valuable Insight

Our team typically offer 15+ years experience in their sector, in both senior operational and consulting roles. Many have been Partner level in well-established consulting firms, from which we bring varied approaches to problem solving and a genuine passion for working with Clients.  We continue to work across sectors, minimizing the risk of “not invented here” syndrome. This approach allows for the best ideas from different domains (e.g. consumer products, high-tech, communications, financial services, retail) to be considered to solve a Client’s unique challenges.

Fact-based Decision Making

We aim for deeply analytically-driven insight using econometric modelling and advanced analytical tools to test our hypotheses against real data from our Clients and their industries.  Combining this analysis with extensive experience, we can quickly identify a core set of profit levers and what actions need to be taken, when, to drive immediate and sustainable profitability improvement.  We typically begin Client collaborations with a set of clearly formed hypotheses laid out, which we can then jointly test.

We work in real-time with minimal consulting process overhead (e.g. not a slide-production or analytical factory) and daily intensive interaction with the Client’s team and Executive Sponsor(s). This allows us to get decisions made quickly, reducing the risk of irrelevance or miscommunication.  Each Client value opportunity will be unique in approach, timing, resource assignment and intended outcome.


Strong Analytical Partners

We work closely with marketingQED Ltd to use their powerful analytical platform to deliver rapid assessment of the effectiveness of pricing, promotions and other marketing levers, so that organizations can quickly improve the efficacy of their marketing mix. We can extend this type of analysis to other areas of a company’s spend that require optimization against desired results. The analytical techniques available to us are widespread and in each case, we will use the most appropriate technique to meet your challenges.

Using marketingQED’s analytical platforms, we are rapidly able to analyze thousands of permutations of your data in order to find the best model that explains how well pricing, promotions and other actions have driven historic business performance. We can then model alternative approaches to optimizing  spend, forecasting with considerable accuracy the impact of alternative scenarios.

This semi-automated process can analyze up to 80,000 model permutations in a minute, whereas traditional “hand crafted” techniques may only robustly review three or four permutations an hour. This is important because it is only through a process of refinement and model adaption that we can produce the robust models suitable for forecasting your future.

By coupling this significant speed advantage in modeling with an instant reporting interface, we believe we have a significant advantage in the field of insight generation. This allows us to compress the time required to generate actionable insight to drive our discovery and solutions – and we will use this to improve any project ROI.