Welcome to Profit Insight Partners

Customer Centered Business Improvement

Profit Insight Partners is a team of highly experienced business consulting practitioners focused on working with Clients to drive bottom-line results at the operating profit level. While we take a “joined-up” approach to business improvement opportunities across our clients, from strategy to execution, we have developed some unique skills and experience in optimizing profitability through careful setting and management of prices for a company’s goods &/or services, through alignment of marketing activities (promotions, trade terms, discounting, bundling, etc), through minimizing unnecessary costs across the business and through driving performance improvement in a rigorous and integrated manner.

We can track many opportunities for business performance improvement right back to the Customer value exchange, and often use that as a focus in our Client work.

We’ve found that we can dramatically improve bottom line profitability in our Clients by addressing pricing in the context of overall company strategy, marketing approach, supply-chain and selling capabilities, competition, industry growth stage and other relevant factors.


Business Consultants for Actionable Insight

We work with our Clients in One Team. This is a straight to the point approach which leverages intensive quantitative and qualitative analysis, combined with the application of extensive experience, to create actionable insight – without the large teams, heavy consulting processes or excessive presentation focus that some consulting projects may incur. Our flexible commercial model demands that we get to the point quickly and rigorously and treat each Client challenge as a unique value creating opportunity.

Our collective experience covers most industries and we are as adept at Business to Business sectors as we are at Business to Consumer (or Business to Channel to Consumer) sectors.  We have found that many important insights and disciplines carry across this divide. Our geographic focus America, though we can aid businesses worldwide.

Extensive Experience + Deep Analysis = Valuable Insight

Our deep expertise areas include:

  • Small Business Ideas, Planning, and Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • SEO Optimization
  • Pricing Process
  • Sales Process and Sales Channel Strategy
  • Brick-and-Mortar to Online Business Transition
  • Promotions Optimization
  • Website Design
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Site Speed Troubleshooting
  • Analytical Capability Development
  • Customer Insight Strategy

Profit Insight Partners can be reached via our contact page